Data Vault 2.0

Enterprise Methodology and approach for Business Intelligence and Analytics.   Helping you succeed with Integration tasks for over 30 years.

Who is it for?

Data Vault 1.0 and 2.0 are for enriching and enabling your teams to execute BI strategies efficiently. The methodology assists you in running lean and agile, and combining your data scientist teams with your integration teams. From Big Data, to Data Lakes to Real-time, Data Vault simply makes sense.

Our Data Vault Alliance Team

Cindi Meyerson


Cindi has worked with Dan on Data Vault since 2012.  Cindi is an authorized Data Vault 2.0 Certification instructor, and Chief Operating Officer.

Dan Linstedt


Dan has 30+ years experience in IT, is the author, inventor, of Data Vault.  Developed originally for Lockheed Martin, has been released to the world since 2000.

Sanjay Pande


Sanjay has worked with Dan in the IT and BI industry for over 20 years.  Sanjay understands data mining, data science, and has a passion for marketing

Practice makes perfect

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. That’s why we built an interactive community for you over at:

The best learning courses

Our online courses are both instructor led, and on-line CBT.  We have world class instruction for all those that wish to enhance their careers, and leverage Data Vault properly.

Join our Thriving Community

Join our thriving community at – we are clearly interested in helping you succeed with your efforts in Data Vault.   If you want to read a bit more about how we define Data Vault itself, just head over to our video:

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